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West Coast Fog 1/16/18
January 18, 2018 12:36 PM PST
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William Ackerman, the Survivors, Stefan Weiser, Robbie Basho, Sumpin' Else, and all sorts of Western music and poetry journeyzzz from decades past!

West Coast Fog 1/2/18
January 03, 2018 03:36 PM PST
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First West Coast Fog of the year tonight 7-9 PM!
Also every Tuesday night at luxuriamusic dot com or whenever on itunes!
Inwardly Outwords! Guitar and also Violin Journeyzzz! Hessian sessions! No Dead Set!
Constance Demby, Malcolm Goldstein, Wm. Penn & the Quakers!

West Coast Fog 12/19/17
December 22, 2017 01:24 PM PST
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Tune in for a trip back thru California musickal hystery. Barry Shrader, Joanna Brouk, C.T. Rabinowitz, Bed of Roses, Jonimah Bahlu!

West Coast Fog 12/5/17
December 15, 2017 11:31 AM PST
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All old California music! Peanut Butter Conspiracy! Purple Earthquake! Moby Grape! Bhagavan Das! Special Guru set! Kantele/Guitarsynth Journeyzzz!

West Coast Fog 11/28/17
December 06, 2017 08:52 AM PST
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Want aged California musick? You got it! The Rainmakers, A Cid Symphony, Cecelia, Love, Dennis Weisse, Savage Republic, Christian Flangists, etc. Plus Guitar Journeyzzz...

West Coast Fog 11/21/17
November 26, 2017 01:20 PM PST
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Listen inn t'night 7-9 PST. Hear me talk and play records by Anna Homler, Factory, Silverhorn, William Loughborough and other outre Californians from the late '50s to the '90s.

West Coast Fog 11/7/17
November 09, 2017 05:31 PM PST
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Hear theez hear theez... thune in toknight at 7 wild Calif. thyme
Jangly'60s. tribal'70s, fartsy'80s anything ghost!
Mystery Trend, PH Phactor, Endgame, William Ackerman!

West Coast Fog 10/17/17
October 19, 2017 01:17 PM PDT
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Toon Inn toknight at 7 fer 2 ours ov we'erd Calif. musick frum the pssst!
Them Rhythm Ants, Wednesday Week, Red Cross, the Wildlife, Jackdaw, Carl Erdman!

West Coast Fog 10/3/17
October 06, 2017 12:59 PM PDT
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Day trips/night trips frum West Coast Fog!
Tuesday knightz 7-9 PM PST at luxuriamusic dot com
"Floating texture woven from musical threads!"
Abecedarians! the Habibiya! the Romans! Nervous Gender!

West Coast Fog 9/26/17
September 27, 2017 08:21 PM PDT
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Welcome back to the West Coast Fog!
Tuesday knights 7-9 PM PST at luxuriamusic dot com
'80s forget me naughts! Ethereal unrealness! Guitar Journeyzzz!
Peter Davison, Planetary Peace, Tex and the Horseheads, Vox Pop, Don Slepian!

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